Our Ciders

Pony Shack Cider is made from local apples grown in the heart of apple country in the orchards surrounding Boxborough, Massachusetts.  Over the years we have developed our own custom blends of apples that we press into fresh juice to create all of our hard cider varieties.


Fifer's Dream

A traditional dry cider made from a custom blend of dessert apples perfectly balanced to produce a dry and refreshing cider. Our signature cider is inspired by our hometown's colonial roots.

6.9% ABV


This cider is all about the barrel! Each batch of this craft cider is aged in a fresh American rye whiskey barrel from a small craft distillery in neighboring New York, imparting robust oak and whiskey flavor undertones.

6.9% ABV




This cider gets its' namesake from a forgotten era when Boxborough, MA was one of the top hop producing towns in New England. The cider has notes of bright grapefruit which are nicely complimented by the aroma of cascade hops.

Pear of Ponies

A blend of fresh-pressed local pears and the aromatic juice of Roxbury Russet heirloom apples combine to make this uniquely delicious pear cider.

6.9% ABV



Orchard Blues

In this cider we combine loads of local blueberries with fresh pressed apples. The cider starts with a beautiful aroma of blueberry. Like a dry rosé, the cider finishes with soft tannins brought on by the blueberry skins.

6.9% ABV

Manhattan (Limited Release)

Inspired by the classic cocktail, this limited edition barrel-aged cider is not for the faint of heart! Notes of rye whiskey and a touch of cherry give this cider its unique character.

6.9% ABV

Adventures in Fermentation (AIF)

AIF is a celebration of our cider making journey and our passion for the craft. Every unique batch reveals the intricacies of flavor that come from experimentation.

6.9% ABV

Batch #1- A seasonal favorite made by co-fermenting local strawberries

Batch #2- Aged in a bourbon barrel for 2 years, this unique cider is finished off with a bit of orange zest